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Frequently Asked Questions

A : Four batteries of 12V 100AH are used in series, The system works on 48V 100AH as a single unit
A : Batteries can be charged at home using charger provided alongwith the vehicle and on the domestic single phase AC supply. The Charger draws the AC input and the output of the charger is to be connected to the charging point provided in the vehicle
A : The set of 4 batteries require upto 8 hours to get fully charged
A : The vehicle can cover upto 100 kms with a fully charged set of batteries. Terrain conditions, usage of head light etc can slightly alter the distance covered
A : The vehicle is rated to carry Driver + 4 passengers + 40kgs of weight ( Deluxe and Pro ) and Driver + 310 kgs on the E Cart version
A : The vehicle is required to be registered with RTO, Insurance cover has to be taken. In Kerala a regular 3 wheeler license would be required to drive the vehicle, Additionally a commercial badge required for driving commercially registered vehicles. In Mahe ( Puducherry ) there are separate license requirement for the Electric vehicles.